Arizona hvac services

Is your heater not working, making strange noises, or just not keeping the home warm enough? Call Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating for quick heater repair service in Peoria, AZ! We will be able to tell you what’s wrong and offer fast solutions.

 One of our highly trained technicians will be able to tell you what the problem is and repair it fast. We are prepared for all seasons, with knowledge of heater repair service throughout Peoria, AZ. Our locally owned company will always provide 100% customer satisfaction.

We can work on all makes and models of heaters, including gas or electric furnaces, gas or electric water heaters, and baseboard heaters. We offer financing for qualified customers; call us today to check if you qualify!

What Are Some Common Heater Problems?

Some common problems that warn for heater repair service in Peoria, AZ:

·     Gas or electric heaters not turning on: This could be a clogged pilot line or something blocking the vent.

·     Gas or electric heaters making loud noises: This means there is dirt, metal shavings, or carbon built up inside.

·     Electric heater shutting off unexpectedly: This is likely due to an internal short circuit or faulty wiring.

·     Pilot light keeps going out: This likely means there is dirt or lint in the pilot line, causing airflow issues.

·     Gas heater not lighting: This could be due to a clogged pilot line, dirty ignition switch, faulty wiring, or something wrong with the thermocouple.

·     Air coming out of the vents instead of heat: There is probably something blocking the vent.

If you have concerns about your heater, no matter if it is an emergency or just a minor problem, call us today for assistance. 

How Can I Prevent Heater Problems?

 Make sure all vents are clear of lint or any other debris that can cause airflow problems. Keep the area around your heater clean so it can operate efficiently. If you have a gas furnace, make sure vents are not blocked by furniture or carpeting that could cause carbon monoxide to build up. Make sure any outdoor furnace/pit is properly enclosed and well ventilated to prevent fumes from seeping inside your house.

If you have a gas or electric heater, make sure you check the filter regularly to keep your unit running smoothly. If it needs replacement along wih air conditioning heating service in Peoria, AZ, just call our office – we carry all types of filters and will have one for you before we arrive at your home. Call us at 623-566-0005 for more information.