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Heating and cooing systems (HVAC) work long hours to keep your home at the right temperature, but no matter how vigilantly you are, your HVAC system will eventually be due for routine cleaning or need repair.  Choosing a trustworthy and capable technician, however, isn’t the easiest task so here are the “do’s and don’ts” to help you make the right choice.

Things to Do When Finding a Technician

When looking for a HVAC technician make sure to research all the available options and read any reviews available online through sites like Google.  Even if you find a highly reviewed contractor out in the suburbs, they may still service your area.  Check on the availability of the contractor, especially in the event of emergencies.  Good HVAC contractors will generally answer phones around the clock and have an immediate response for repair times.  Analyze the website, if it’s full of mistakes you’re likely dealing with someone who will do shoddy work.  Most importantly, make sure you find a well-trained expert.  HVAC systems are complicated and only a licensed technician should be trusted with your repairs.

What Not to Do

As tempting as it might seem, choosing the cheapest HVAC technician or just the biggest HVAC company probably aren’t your best options.  Quality work and good reviews should impress you more than a cheap quote.  Being the biggest also isn’t necessarily the best as large HVAC companies often prioritize commercial clients over residential ones, unlike a family owned company that will likely give you better service at a lower price.  Don’t ignore bad reviews or complaints about the company and never compromise on safety and efficiency, or settle for low quality HVAC equipment.

Trusted Phoenix Area HVAC Technicians

Employees working for Morehart Air are the best and highest quality technicians Phoenix has to offer.  Not only are they required to have extensive HVAC training and certification specifically for air and heating repair/installation, they’re also thoroughly vetted to ensure they have no serious legal matters or felonies in the past.  Morehart Air believes in its rigorous and strict standards because any technician they send to repair your heating and cooling system should be as trustworthy as one of your own family members.  For more information please call 602-640-0444 or visit”
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