Arizona hvac services

The cold weather is coming back. It’s time to turn up the heater, so you better hire a contractor for heater installation in Phoenix, AZ. But what are the most important questions you should ask? Here are five of them:

1. Can I get references from past customers?

Of course, you want to verify that your contractor knows how to do its job. But a better question is: can you trust the contractor to do its job? It’s easy for a contractor to give you a reference from someone they know – but that person may not be an unbiased source to say whether or not your heat pump installation was done well. However, if you ask for references from past customers who weren’t related to the contractor, you can be more confident that they’re giving you an honest answer.

2. What makes your heat pump installation company different than all of the others in town?

There are many contractors out there who know how to install heat pumps in Glendale, AZ, but most of them don’t offer much in terms of customer service or support afterward. If you’re looking for heat pump installation, ask the contractor how they plan to address any problems that come up after your heat pump is installed. After all, heat pumps are complicated systems that require some education and training to install correctly, so you’ll want someone with experience on your side.

3. What will the finished heat pump installation include?

When you ask this question, make sure to get detailed information in return. For example, will the heat pump installation include refrigerant for your heat pump? How about any extra wiring that’s required for heat pumps powered by electricity (versus gas)? Also, ask them if they’ll help you select the right size heat pump for your home.

As heat pumps increase in efficiency, it may take more than one heat pump to heat and cool your home – so you’ll want to be sure that the contractor takes this into account.

In conclusion, heat pumps can be a smart choice for your home. Just make sure that you find the right contractor to help you with heater replacement in Surprise, AZ if this is something you’re interested in. For heat pump installation or replacement in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas contact Morehart & Heating today at 623-566-0005!