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Stay Cool During Excessive Phoenix Heat


If you are a resident in the Valley of the Sun then you know what time of year it is. It is time for the news, the radio, and pretty much everyone under the sun to talk about just how hot it is outside. As the summer bears down on us so do the Heat Warnings that are caused by the insanely high temperatures. Heat warnings occur when temperatures outside are far too high for normal outdoor activity to proceed when this happens. In schools, students are not even allowed to go outside for recess because they are at risk of heat exhaustion.

During days where heat warnings are in effect it is imperative that you stay indoors with air conditioning in order to lower risk of exposure to these extreme temperatures. Everyone who is exposed to these temperatures are highly encouraged to stay hydrated. It is easy to become dehydrated when it is extremely hot outside because your body is having a more difficult time keeping your internal body temperature cool. By staying hydrated your internal body is able to stay cool. If you stop sweating, become lightheaded, or suffer any of heat related illness symptoms immediately get into a cool area and consume water in at a steady pace. If you do not recuperate seek medical help, heat related illnesses are deadly.

People who have broken down air conditioners, or no air conditioners at all are at high risk for heat illnesses during heat warnings. Without an air conditioner that is running properly, or at all, mayhem for your indoor housing temperature may occur. If you happen to contract a heat related illness and are not able to cool down the consequences can be excruciating.

If it has been awhile since your last A/C service check up it’s time to call Morehart Air and Heating for a tune up. With temperatures skyrocketing to record highs waiting to check on your air conditioning unit(s) can be extremely dangerous to you, your family’s, and your pet’s health. Morehart Air and Heating will fix up your air conditioner and get your home nice and cool again.

If your air conditioning does break down here are some family fun things you can do to beat the heat while your air conditioner is repaired:

  • Go to the movies
  • Enjoy frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, or shaved ice
  • Visit the children’s or science museum
  • Go ice skating
  • Visit Legoland Discovery Center Arizona
  • Explore the Challenger Space Center
  • Discover the Sea Life Aquarium
  • Climb into some fun at an indoor rock climbing gym
  • Check out The Baked Bear ice cream parlor
  • Jump your way into fun at an indoor trampoline gym
  • Enjoy an air conditioned Diamondbacks games (look out for their deals on weekday tickets!)
  • Browse your local library
  • Skate your way past the heat at a roller rink
  • Check out a bowling Alley

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