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24 hours 7 days a week emergency ac repair

What is an ac emergency?

24 hours 7 days a week ac repair  emergency  service

What to consider when looking for an company

1. Emergency Repair: Quality of service

2. Emergency Repair: Time to your location

3. HVAC Emergency Repair: Expertise

4. HVAC Emergency Repair: Reputation

5. HVAC Emergency Repair: Equipment

6. HVAC Emergency Repair: Experience

7. HVAC Emergency Repair: Customer reviews

8. HVAC Emergency Repair: Repair response time

9. HVAC Emergency Repair: Condenser unit inspection

10. HVAC Emergency Repair: Water accumulation

11. HVAC Emergency Repair: HVAC manufacturers warranty agreement

12. HVAC Emergency Repair: Warranty agreement services

13. HVAC Emergency Repair: Problem diagnosis

14. HVAC Emergency Repair: Repair cost

15. HVAC Emergency Repair: Scheduling

16. HVAC Emergency Repair: Communication

17. HVAC Emergency Repair: Dependability

18. HVAC Emergency Repair: Location

19. HVAC Emergency Repair: Air conditioning ducts inspection

20. HVAC Emergency Repair: Professionalism

Tips on how to handle your AC during Arizona summers

1. Schedule a maintenance check-up

2. Adjust the temperature settings

3. Check the internal and external filters

4. Clean the coils

5. Invest in a programmable thermostat

6. Upgrade your air conditioning ducts

7. Have a technician check the unit

8. Plan ahead! before the start of our hot summer


What services does an provide in Arizona?

An Arizona AC emergency repair company provides services such as AC repair, air conditioner replacement, condenser unit service and AC installation. Morehart AC technicians are highly trained and can repair or install any brand and any model of air conditioner system. Morehart AC can respond promptly to fix your air conditioning or heating unit, and maintain a maintenance check-up service schedule. The service providers also give a full estimate in writing, for free, before any work is done, so the customer knows exactly what they’re dealing with and can see just where the service will take them.

What should you do if you experience an AC emergency in Arizona?

emergency ac repair Arizona

What are the benefits of an HVAC service in the Arizona summer?

In the Arizona summer, an HVAC service can provide numerous benefits. Regular maintenance (ask us about our HVAC maintenance program) can help ensure that your air conditioning system is running efficiently, which can help keep your home cool and comfortable while potentially reducing your energy bills. An HVAC service can also help identify and address any potential problems before they become major issues, which can save you money on future repairs. Additionally, a well-maintained HVAC system can help improve indoor air quality by reducing the amount of dust, allergens, ductless ac repair and other pollutants in your home. Overall, scheduling an HVAC service before the Arizona summer starts can help ensure that your home stays cool, comfortable, and healthy.

What problems can an AC repair service fix?


that can be fixed by an AC repair service include no cool air, frozen coils, strange noises, and burning smells. Additionally, poor or no air flow and strong odors can also be fixed by Morehart AC. If the air conditioning system is not producing enough cool air during the summer months or prolonged periods of unseasonable heat, it should be considered an emergency and an AC repair service should be called in as soon as possible. Strong odors emanating from the air conditioning ducts and vents, especially burning smells, can also be serious causes for concern and should be addressed immediately by an emergency AC repair service.

What should be checked during an emergency HVAC service?

During an emergency HVAC service, a trained and experienced professional should diagnose the specific issue and recommend a customized repair or replacement. The common signs of an HVAC emergency include malfunctioning appliances, air conditioner-caused flooding, and heating and air conditioning unit failure. It is important to avoid common secondary problems associated with mold by calling an experienced professional to handle the situation. Additionally, improper preventative maintenance is the number one reason for emergency calls, so it is essential to schedule an annual maintenance visit to have your system professionally cleaned, system components checked, and verify fluid levels. Inexperienced service and outdated systems are also factors that can lead to emergency HVAC repairs. A Morehart AC professional can help prevent inconvenient, costly, and possibly dangerous emergency repairs down the road by providing expert service, offering you a maintenance service and helping you choose and install a system that meets your needs and is more efficient and Green for Arizona.

What is the cost of emergency AC repair?

The cost of emergency AC repair can vary depending on the location, with rates being higher in areas where air conditioning is used more frequently. Emergency rates can double or triple the cost of a regular service call, with prices starting around $150 and going up to $600. Emergency rates apply to calls the request or need instant response, need service after hours, weekdays, weekends, and holidays. The cost for HVAC emergency service will always be higher than a basic service call, regardless of location.

What should you do if your air conditioner is leaking?

If you notice that your air conditioner is leaking, it is important to call for emergency air conditioning service. A leak in the coolant lines can cause your AC unit to struggle to keep up with the heat outside, leading to high electric bills and potential failure of your unit. AC repair companies have the experience to pinpoint the problem and fix refrigerant leaks to help prevent the same issue from occurring again in the future. Recharging your refrigerant is not a job that can be done by just anyone, as AC repair companies know which type of refrigerant to use. If you notice ice forming on the components of your air conditioner, including the evaporator coil, or a pool of water forming under your unit, it is important to address the problem as soon as possible. Additionally, if you see smoke coming from your AC unit or any sign of burning, turn it off immediately and call an expert.

Are emergency HVAC repairs covered by warranty?

Emergency HVAC repairs may or may not be covered by warranty, depending on the terms and conditions of the warranty. (Morehart AC Can check to see if your manufacturer warranty covers repairs). It is important to review the warranty agreement to see what is covered and what is not. Some warranties may cover emergency repairs, while others may only cover regular maintenance and repairs. It is also important to note that not all HVAC contractors may accept warranty work, so it is recommended to check with the contractor before proceeding with any repairs. Ultimately, the best way to determine if emergency HVAC repairs are covered by warranty is to review the warranty agreement and contact the manufacturer or contractor for more information.

What are the most common causes of air conditioning emergencies?

The most common causes of air conditioning emergencies include malfunctioning appliances such as refrigerators, gas pipes, and electrical problems that should only be handled by licensed professionals. Air conditioner-caused flooding, pools of standing water, water accumulation or flooding caused by a malfunctioning air conditioner, and heating and air conditioning unit failure are also serious signs. Additionally, a broken air conditioner may be considered an emergency if it has broken down on an extremely hot day (above 90 degrees), there are young children, elderly adults, or immune-compromised people in the home that may be sensitive to excessive heat, it is leaking and causing water damage to the home, or it is experiencing electrical issues such as constantly tripping the breaker, dimming the lights when it turns on, or creating a burning electrical smell.

The emergency HVAC repair services provide repairs for a variety of HVAC equipment such as air conditioning, furnace, and other heating and ventilation equipment. The experienced team of HVAC professionals is well-equipped to handle any kind of emergency , including frozen outdoor units or clogged condensate lines. They are trained to stay updated on the latest technology, tools, and industry best practices. Additionally, the emergency services provide 24-hour AC repair and 24-hour furnace repair. The repair diagnosis is customized to address the specific issue, and sometimes, replacements are recommended. Therefore, the emergency HVAC repair services offer comprehensive repairs for various HVAC equipment to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are functioning correctly.

The experienced team of HVAC professionals provides emergency repair services for various kinds of HVAC equipment, including air conditioning, furnace, and other heating and ventilating equipment. They are well-equipped to handle any kind of emergency HVAC repair, such as a frozen outdoor unit or a clogged condensate line. The professionals are trained to stay updated on the latest technology, tools, and industry best practices, ensuring that they can diagnose the problem and get the HVAC system back up and running as soon as possible. Whether it is a 24-hour AC repair or a 24-hour furnace repair, the Aire Serv team is committed to providing superior customer service, including upfront explanations and pricing, never an overtime charge, guaranteed repairs, and licensed, courteous, and trustworthy professionals.

The emergency HVAC repair services provided by Morehart AC cover’s a wide range of HVAC equipment, including air conditioning, furnace, and other heating and ventilating equipment. Their experienced team of HVAC professionals is well-equipped to handle just about any kind of emergency HVAC repair, from a frozen outdoor unit to a clogged condensate line. They offer 24-hour AC repair and 24-hour furnace repair, and their professionals are trained to stay updated on the latest technology, tools, and industry best practices. Once they arrive, they immediately diagnose the problem and get your HVAC system back up and running as soon as possible. In short, Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating provides emergency repair services for all kinds of HVAC equipment.

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Emergency HVAC Service Examples

Malfunctioning appliances

Air conditioner-caused flooding

Heating and air conditioning unit failure

ac repair emergency service companies arizona

Emergency Service Examples That Require Your Attention

  1. AC/Heater does not turn on
  2. A broken or leaking compressor
  3. Ice formation on outdoor unit
  4. Foul odor/burning smell

Emergency AC Repair Near Me? Why US!

  1. Trusted, certified technicians
  2. Emergency repairs
  3. Available 7 days a week
  4. Exceptional Service Guarantee

Before you give us a call, you may want to try some simple troubleshooting tricks. These could get your system back up and running or at least give you a better idea of what the problem might be so that we can check it out. Try these tricks:

  1. Make sure your thermostat is connected and working properly
  2. Look inside your air vents for any signs of blockages
  3. Check for any tripped breakers
  4. Replace the air filter in your heating system
  5. Examine your outdoor unit for signs of ice buildup

Arizona best ac repair emergency service

Is an AC unit not working in Arizona an emergency?

1. If the temperature in the room is uncomfortably hot

2. If the AC is not providing enough cooling power

3. If the AC is making loud noises

4. If the condenser unit is not cooling properly

5. If your see signs of water accumulation

6. If the house is experiencing significant humidity

How can I cool my room if my AC is broken?

1. Open windows to let cool air in

2. Turn on fans to circulate the air

3. Use cooling towels

4. Drink cold liquids

5. Take a cold shower

6. Chill out in a cold room

7. Put ice packs in your pillowcase

8. If you have a pool jump in

Is no AC considered an emergency in Arizona?

1. Yes, if your home or office becomes too hot

2. If the AC stops working

3. If the AC is making loud noises

4. If the AC is leaking

5. If the AC is not working at all

6. If the temperature outside is above 85 degrees

7. If the temperature inside is above 78 degrees

When do I need emergency hvac repairs in Arizona?

1. When your AC unit is not working properly

2. When your HVAC system is not working as efficiently as it should

3. When you see water accumulation

4. When you are experiencing problems with your HVAC system

5. When your unit is making strange noises or behaving strangely

6. When your unit is not cooling as effectively as it should

What should you look for in an emergency hvac repair company?

1. Emergency HVAC Repair Company: Repair Response Time

2. Emergency HVAC Repair Company: Time Until On Site

3. Emergency HVAC Repair Company: Experience

4. Emergency HVAC Repair Company: Customer Reviews

5. Emergency HVAC Repair Company: Quality of Service

6. Emergency HVAC Repair Company: Service Options

7. Emergency HVAC Repair Company: Communication

8. Emergency HVAC Repair Company: Warranty

It is Easy to Prevent an AC / HVAC Break Down

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HVAC maintenance program and maintenance check-up services In Arizona

Common AC Problems in Arizona


Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter can cause low or no cool air flow. Air filters should be cleaned or replaced every few months.

Clogged Drain Lines/Ducting

Water accumulation in the drain lines and ducting can cause musty or moldy smells. Having your system professionally deep-cleaned should fix this problem quickly.


Burning smells can be caused by an overheated system. Deactivate your air conditioning system immediately to prevent the risk of fire, and call in an emergency AC repair service as quickly as possible.

Natural Gas Leaks

If you detect any kind of sulfurous, skunk-like smell coming from your ducts or vents, this may be caused by natural gas leaking into the AC system’s ductwork. Deactivate your AC, evacuate your home, and contact your utility company for advice.

Refrigerant Leaks

Sweet, cloying smells can signify refrigerant leaks, which can cause lung damage and allergic reactions. These smells should also be considered an AC emergency.

Electrical Issues

Problems with wiring and other electrical infrastructure can cause complete power loss or intermittent operation. Calling in emergency repair services is recommended.

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