Heating Maintenance in Peoria, AZ

Heating Maintenance in Peoria, Phoenix, Mesa, AZ

Heating Maintenance

Gas Heating

If your home heating system runs on gas, regular maintenance is important from a safety perspective, as well as for efficiency and function. Our team is qualified to inspect the system and:

  • Check unit for gas leaks and carbon monoxide
  • Check all safety switches
  • Inspect gas valve safety seal
  • Adjust gas flame to manufacturer specifications
  • Measure amp draws and voltage levels to manufacturer specifications
  • Test fan controls
  • Inspect flue piping for restrictions and air leaks
  • Replace/clean washable filters or clean lifetime filters
  • Vacuum the furnace or air handler to remove dirty and flammable particles

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Heating: Furnace Maintenance – Servicing the Peoria, Phoenix, Mesa, AZ

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