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When it comes to emergency heating repair, it’s important to act fast to prevent further damage to your heating system. When a heater suddenly breaks or is not performing properly frustrations tend to rise quickly due to the lack of comfort in your home. Your home should be a refuge from the weather. When something goes wrong, we at Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating repair are ready to solve the problem & make sure your home is warm all season. Our main goal is to restore your comfort and rid you of frustration by providing the best heater repair services as possible! We offer furnace maintenance services and heating repair system maintenance at an unbeatable price!

Heating Repair Services

You may think that repair work is only needed when your system completely shuts down. However, small performance issues can indicate that your heater could be struggling to keep up with your daily usage. . These problems can be addressed and handled by our team of expert technicians. A point to note – if your heater repair cost adds to more than the price you’ve paid to purchase your unit, then it’s advisable to have your unit replaced instead.

Signs your heater needs repairs includes the following:

What you can expert during your heating repair service or furnace maintenance service

When meeting our valued customers for the first time, we immediately present our identification, licensing and proof of insurance. Our tech will then ask you to describe the problem while making important notes. This may be particularly important if the issue is not obvious.

The inspection begins, don’t be surprised if the technician inspects areas beyond the issue you described because a thorough view can be helpful. The thermostat is first to be examined & then expand out. This includes registers in rooms and hallways, equipment installed indoors at ground level, equipment stored in the attic and outdoor equipment. During this phase you may not be needed but remain accessible should you be.

Once the issues have been identified, the tech will then make you aware of them by discussing them with you. This entails explaining the problems , exploring various options which are available to you and answering any questions which you may have.

Finally our tech starts with the repairs on your heating system. Expect for our professional to respect you and your home throughput. Our professional will maintain a clean and safe work area throughout the repair process. Once all work is complete, our tech will show it to you, answer any of your questions which you may have, clean the area and finalize payment.

It’s as easy as that!

Electric Furnace Maintenance

External Air Filters

For your winter comfort, if you use an electric furnace you may think it requires little regular attention. But this is incorrect. Any central heating system must have regular annual maintenance. Routine electric furnace maintenance is necessary to ensure the furnace is not wasting energy. Because electricity is a  more expensive energy source than natural gas regular furnace maintenance is extremely important. A malfunctioning electric furnace that’s draining more electricity than it should will rapidly raise your bills. In most HVAC systems, the furnace and the AC share the same blower, so this part always needs attention after a summer of hard work with the air conditioner before it tackles its winter workload. No matter the type of furnace, it uses a blower fan and motor to move air into the ventilations system. The motor of the blower fan consumes a great amount of electricity and can wear down to the point of burning out. Maintenance inspects the fan and the motor, lubricating moving parts to help the motor continue to work without extra stress that may cause it to fail. 

The best way to have professional furnace inspections and tune-ups each year is to enroll in our maintenance program. Our furnace maintenance cost is a price yet to be beaten!

Emergency Heating Repair Services

In a cold winter, reliable heat for your home is more than a luxury. When something goes wrong with your furnace or another component of your HVAC system, our team at Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating is ready to your disposal for on the call service. We’ll send a licensed technician to your home who can quickly troubleshoot the problem and get you up and running ASAP.

You can simply have a quick chat with us online and request a schedule or call us on 623-566-0005 to schedule our heating repair services!


One sign that you need heating repair in Peoria, AZ is an unexpected increase in energy bills. Other common indicators include strange noises or smells coming from your heating unit, and sudden drops in temperature or pressure within your home.
Common heating repairs include addressing issues with the pilot light, burners, or ignition system; repairing or replacing defective thermostats; and clearing clogged air filters.
Proper maintenance is the best way to prevent your heating system from needing repairs. Be sure to have your system serviced by a professional at least once a year, and clean or replace your air filters as needed. Additionally, keep an eye out for any strange sounds or smells coming from your unit, as these could be signs of a problem.