Arizona hvac services

There’s nothing worse than being left shivering during an early winter season or boiling hot during a summer shower. With Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating on your side, you won’t have to worry about those chilly windy nights or those scorching summer days. We serve all of Peoria and the surrounding areas and we’re just a phone call away. When it comes to a reliable heater replacement unit in Peoria, AZ, Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating can provide. Call us today for your free estimate!

 What are some common heater replacement unit problems?

 If you’re experiencing some of the following problems with your heater, it may be time for a replacement. 

•Your heat is either not coming on at all or is only working in certain rooms of the house. 

•There’s an unpleasant smell coming from your vents when you turn on the heat. 

•Your heater is producing a loud banging noise when it turns on and off or runs in general.

So, if you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s likely time for a replacement heater.

How long will the heater replacement unit last?

This all depends on the model of your current heater, but most heaters come with a life cycle of anywhere from ten to twenty years. If you are experiencing any of the issues described above, it’s likely that your heater is reaching its end-of-life cycle and will need to be replaced.

When should you schedule a heater replacement unit installation instead of repairing it?

If after weeks or months of tinkering with your heater and it still isn’t working properly, then it means that there is likely something wrong with the internal components and these will need to be replaced. The best option at this point would be to simply take advantage of Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating’s heater replacement unit in Peoria, AZ.

What is included in the heater replacement unit installation?

The entire process will be explained to you during your free estimate, but typically we offer a 21-point inspection of your furnace and ductwork and discuss any issues we find with down payment options so that repairs can begin right away if you’d like. Then, a new heater will be installed at the time that works best for you and we’ll also test out the entire system to make sure that it’s working properly. Call us today at 623-566-0005 for more information about our services!