Arizona hvac services

Is your old heater acting up, not working as well as it used to? Or maybe it is from a past homeowner and just isn’t doing the job anymore. Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating can help. We offer heater installation service in Peoria, AZ that will have you comfortable in no time! Our experienced technicians will go through your home and customize a new heating system specifically for your needs. We have been in business for several years servicing the Peoria, AZ area with quality AC tune-ups, AC compressor repair, AC installation service, furnace replacement, heater repairs, and more!

When Should You Schedule Heater Installation Service in Peoria, AZ?

If your heater is older than 10 years then it may be time for a replacement. If repairs are cost-prohibitive or if the system is no longer under warranty, consider our installation service. We will put in a new heat pump to keep you warm this winter without having to break the bank! If you have a furnace that is not working properly, consider our new heating system installation service. 

What Our Heater Installation Service in Peoria, AZ Includes?

We offer a thorough inspection of the home’s ductwork to see where most of the air is going. We use precise measurements and mapping tools to determine if there are any leaks within the ductwork. If your heater is blowing out cold air or not working correctly, we can help with that too. There may be a problem with the fan and we will clean it, repair it or replace it if necessary. Our technicians will also inspect the filter to make sure it is clean and not restricting airflow.

When we are finished, you can expect your home to feel more comfortable than ever before! Contact Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating today at 623-566-0005 and we will give you a free estimate on heater installation service in Peoria, AZ.