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Conditioned air is expensive. It’s a huge waste to send that expensive air to an empty room. You can’t defend against such hassle with the traditional HVAC system that produces the same temperature for every room in your house. Get the antidote by installing a zoned HVAC system. 

A zoned heating and cooling system is a more efficient and cost-effective way to regulate the temperature in each room in your home. There are so many advantages you stand to gain with these zoned heating/

Let’s show them to you.


What Is a Zoned Heating and Cooling System?

A zoned heating and cooling system, which you can also refer to as a zoned HVAC system is a system that permits you to split your home into different zones, each with its own thermostat and temperature control. 

This implies that you can set your desired temperature for a specific room in your home, instead of heating or cooling the entire house at once. This cuts your overall energy costs and makes your home more comfortable.

How Does a Zoned Heating and Cooling System Work?

This system works by using a series of dampers installed in your home’s ductwork to control the airflow in different areas in your home.

Each zone has its thermostat, which is linked to a central control panel that regulates the dampers. For instance, if the temperature in the living room is too cold, the thermostat in that zone will signal the control panel to open the damper to let more warm air in. 

At the same moment, the dampers in other zones will close partly or completely. This reduces the flow of air to those unused areas and helps to redirect the air to the zone that needs it most.

What Kinds of Home Can Use Zoned Heating and Cooling Systems?

A zoned HVAC system is a wise choice for basically every home. But, when it comes to cost-effectiveness and energy saving, structures with some of these features will be more profitable. We’ve listed some of them here:

Why Should You Install a Zoned Heating and Cooling System?

Knowing what you stand to gain when you install a zoned HVAC system will help you see that it’s worth every penny. Here are some reasons why you should consider it for your home.

Case in point:

1. Enhanced energy efficiency

Heating or cooling every room in your home at the same time when you have that empty room is a waste. You can put the rooms needed in a single zone with a thermostat to help regulate their temperature and leave the empty ones out of it. 

Keep empty rooms untouched with the zoning system. When you do this, the system will not need to cool or heat the entire house. This implies that less energy is used.

2. Improved convenience 

It’s very normal sometimes to feel hot when others are cold. In such a situation, lowering the thermostat will bring the needed comfort to you, but discomfort to every other person in the house. With a zoned heating and cooling system, you can have customized temperature control for your room without inconveniencing others. 

So a lot of unavoidable arguments can now be avoided and your comfort is further improved

3. Enhanced air quality 

Since you can’t control the quality of the air outside, why not try controlling the indoor air?

A zoned system is the right choice to control that. You can enhance the air quality in your home. Take away the dust, dirt, and allergens that got into your home through your windows and doors with this system. 

These allergens can be risky to your health and that of your family members. It could be a worse case if you have someone with respiratory issues living in your home. 

4. Cost-effectiveness

Although a zoned system is pricier than a traditional HVAC system, it can save you money in the long run. When you heat or cool only the parts of your home that need it, your monthly energy bill will reduce significantly. 

Zoning your current HVAC system can help you save as much as 35% on your total monthly utility bill. Also, if you’re planning to resell your home sometime in the future, a zoned HVAC system may boost the resale worth of your home. This is a desirable feature for many homebuyers.

5. Increased lifespan of your HVAC zoning system

A zoned HVAC system helps your heating and cooling unit to operate more efficiently. 

With the help of the separated thermostats used in each zone, your HVAC system will not need to work as a powerhouse to sustain the desired temperature throughout your home. But only the needed space. This means less work is done.

This can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. It is also important to note that because the zoned system will reduce wear and tear, it will be wise to contact an HVAC expert to conduct routine maintenance.

Make Your Choice Today

With a zoned HVAC system, you’ll enhance your energy efficiency, improve your comfort, take in quality air, spend less, and improve the longevity of the system. Choosing a system with all these packages embedded in it shouldn’t be a choice you need to think through overnight. Get a zoned HVAC system today and relieve yourself in so many ways!  

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