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Why Amana and York are Leading the Way


York and Amana Lead the Way in Heating and Cooling

Whether you are looking for reliable heating during the cooler months or an system that can meet the demands of a hot Arizona summer, no systems are as highly regarded as York and Amana. According to Consumer Reports, the heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) produced by these companies are the top rated systems to own.

Here is some additional information about the York and Amana heating and . The qualities that make them highly rated are why a vendor such as Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating installs these systems in homes like yours throughout the Phoenix area.

York Heating and Cooling Systems

York Heating and Cooling Systems has been in the business of providing heating and air cooling solutions for more than 140 years. Since 1874, this York, Pennsylvania company has been at the forefront of the HVAC industry, being the first company to create air conditioning in a commercial office in 1924. Users today of the systems developed by York include the Empire State Building, U.S. Capitol building and the famous Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

York’s systems are as suitable for residential use as they are for commercial buildings. They offer a variety of solutions for the home, including a furnace and air conditioner combination that not only provides heat and cooling but is also designed to humidify and dehumidify the home. There systems are energy efficient and built to withstand the climates, making them a durable, high quality appliance to consider.

Amana Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Amana also boasts a long history of meeting the heating and cool needs of residential and commercial users. This Ames, Iowa company has been in business since 1934, creating a niche with restaurants and grocery stores with the development of the cold storage locker. Amana has long since been a leading edge developer of air conditioners, gas furnaces, heat pumps and packaged units. Their systems are energy efficient and built to high manufacturing standards, which the company has been known for throughout its 80-plus years in business.

Find Your Heating and Cooling System from Morehart

You can obtain more information regarding either the Amana or York heating and air conditioning systems when you contact Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating. Morehart, family owned and operated, has been providing HVAC solutions in the Phoenix area for more than a decade. Call the specialists at Morehart at 623-566-005 or online at to see if they have the solution to your heating and air conditioning needs.

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