Arizona hvac services

Heat pumps in Scottsdale are an important aspect of home heating and cooling, but most people don’t know how to properly maintain them. There are many signs that you need to service your heat pumps in Scottsdale, AZ. The following list describes some signs the unit should be inspected by a professional: 

The unit is cycling on and off: If your unit is only turning on when it’s necessary, you may consider looking into servicing. It may happen that debris is blocking the unit, or perhaps your thermostat is malfunctioning.

The fan is running but no cool air comes through: If you only hear the fan working but there isn’t any cool air coming out, it may be time to give us a call for heat pump service. It could be an issue with the thermostat or perhaps debris is clogging the unit.

The fan isn’t running but you hear clicking sounds: You should keep an eye out for this one because it means there’s probably something wrong with the heat pump. It could be something as simple as debris, but you shouldn’t ignore it. This might mean your unit is going to stop working soon or may have to plan for heater installation in Sun City West, AZ.

The fan doesn’t work at all: This may happen if there have been issues with the electricity or your thermostat. If you notice this, call a professional as soon as possible because it could mean a problem with your heating and cooling system. If not resolved on time, the issue can develop and result in a situation where you should consider heat pump heater replacement in Sun City West, AZ.

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