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We’re in September and that only means one thing, it’s football season. That’s right, the NFL season has kicked off and our Arizona Cardinals are back in action. The weather is still warm but temperatures are cooling down a bit. But don’t take that as it’s time to kick on the heaters because it’s not even close to that yet.

It’s still warm enough to have to use our air conditioners, that for sure. And when you kick back on Sundays to watch the Arizona Cardinals throw down your indoor air needs to be comfortable to make game time enjoyable. Let’s face it, who wants to sit in a warm house, or entertainment room, or better yet, a man cave, if it’s warm and stuffy and not to mention almost 95 degrees outside. It won’t matter how cold the beer is because indoor air quality will make everything miserable.

And think about this, and this may sound crazy to people who don’t live here in Phoenix Arizona, but when it does finally get into late fall and winter, we do experience nights and mornings that get cold. In the middle of winter, it gets so cold that temps actually dip in the 30’s and on rare nights, the high 20’s. That’s cold by our standards. If you live in upstate New York or the Chicago area you may be sating to yourself, “That’s nothing”, but for us Phoenicians, that’s bone chilling.

When it does finally get cold here your heating system needs to be warming up the house and each room needs to have equal amount of air flow. If you’re watching the game during a cold day or the Sunday or Monday night games, you don’t want your favorite football watching room to be too cold or too warm. It needs to be just right. That’s where having a trusted air and heating contractor comes in handy.

Using a reputable, experienced air and heating phoenix HVAC contractor you not only get the right service to your air and heating systems, but they’ll also make suggestions on what type of air or heating unit your home needs based on the size of the house. When people have uneven air flow to specific rooms, this is one sign that your air and heating system is too small for the home. A trusted HVAC contractor will make the correct suggestions as to what kind and size of system your home needs. This will allow each room to reach the appropriate cooling or heating it needs and will help save on energy costs.

Don’t be fooled by those Phoenix air and heating companies that try to sell you their top of the line system or their biggest A/C unit, they’re only trying to get as much money as possible. Just because a unit is big or a top of the line system doesn’t mean that’s what your home needs. Get honest answers, suggestions, and service from one of the most trusted HVAC contractors here in the valley. That’s Morehart Air and Heating. Call us today to see if your indoor air quality could use updating. Watch the Arizona Cardinals in comfort.

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