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Diagnosing Different Air and Heating Issues in Phoenix


Diagnosing Different Air and Heating Issues Efficiency

As a homeowner in Phoenix, you need to diagnosing different air and heating issues and ensure that everything is in order and that your air and heating system equipment used at your home is functioning properly. If your heating and cooling system isn’t working as efficient as it’s supposed to, you ought to look for solutions early enough before a minor issue becomes a major one and diagnosing different air and heating issues. One piece of equipment you need to check and ensure is in good working condition is your heat pump. There are several ways to determine if the heat pump needs to be repaired. Some of these ways include:

Look Out for Foul Odors

Heating components tend to have a dusty scent in the first few months or years of being used. This is quite normal but you should be sensitive to any other smell as it could signify AC failure. Foul odors indicate possibility of open tears enabling the system to suck in air from the crawl space or bacteria built up within the air duct system. Even if the odor is not intense, this is something that you should not ignore. The last problem you need every time your air kicks on, whether air conditioning or heating, is bacteria getting blown into your homes air for you to breath.

Check These Out

Abnormal Sounds

You know the obvious sounds from your heating and AC components but if you notice any sound that is abnormal such as grinding, clanging and squealing, you need to call a professional because those could be signs of even bigger underlying problems.

Strong Air Flow, Poor Cooling

If you notice that your air conditioning components are not cooling your home yet there is still strong air flow, it could be the right time to call an air and heating technician. However, before you do, ensure that you confirm that the thermostat has not been set on fan only mode which could be the result of poor cooling. It is very important to have your cooling and heating components inspected in case of a failing compressor, which can be expensive to replace especially if not repaired during the early stages of a problem.

Weak Air Flow

This is another sign of a faulty air and heating system. It could be a result of damaged ductwork, debris inside the vent or a closed register. However, before you contact a technician, clean the air filter and recheck everything. You don’t want to make a phone call to have an HVAC contractor out to your home just to tell you that your air filters are too dirty and are restricting air flow. Changing your air filters every 30-45 days will ensure this minor problem is prevented.

Leakage Near the System

Every heat pump requires the drainage of moisture. If the drainage is not well controlled, water will accumulate near the system, in the pan near the heat pump. Some of the major causes of system leaks include clogged drain lines or a frozen control regulator. Apart from the leaks near the system, you also need to watch out for leaking refrigerant. A professional HVAC technician from Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating will be able to diagnose this and inform you of the proper solution.

Won’t Change Modes

This is usually a problem with the heat pump reversing valve when it gets stuck between modes. You need a technician to determine what measures to take because it could be a problem with the solenoid.

If you have noticed the above signs or anything that is abnormal with your heating or cooling systems, you need to contact a licensed and professional technician from Morehart. You should not try repairing the pumps on your own because an HVAC technician will be able to determine the real issue with your heat pump or air conditioner. If something goes wrong during the do it yourself repair, it could result in very expensive repairs.

The Bottom Line

What to Look For In a Phoenix AZ HVAC Technician

Once you have decided that it is time to call an HVAC technician in the Phoenix area, your biggest problem will be which HVAC contractor to call. Morehart Air and heating is a very experienced air and heating contractor that is licensed, insured and bonded, and has been providing professional residential and commercial HVAC services to the valley for many years. When you need air and heating professionals that will explain everything in an easy to understand manner and will guide you to honest solutions that are best for your home or office, and not the wallet of an HVAC company, you call Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating.

An experienced heating and AC repair Phoenix technician will check the belts, filters and oil all the moving parts, performing the necessary maintenance and repair to keep your systems running efficiently for years. In the event you do need our company to perform repairs or new air and , we guarantee our work and provide warranties on parts and systems we sell.

If you are having issues with your heating and cooling systems please don’t wait for bigger problems to develop. Call our office today and schedule service. We’ll help determine what’s wrong and help get it resolved as soon as possible. Call today 602-640-0444 or visit our contact page.

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