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Air Duct System: Why Quality Installation and Care Is So Important

An air duct system is connected to an HVAC unit in order to provide warm and/or cold air throughout the home. The air ducts are usually placed within the attic of a home here in the southwest, but have also been installed int he basement of homes on the east coast. Air ducts are installed to help move air into each room. When a new HVAC unit is installed, it is very important that the air duct work is installed correctly. Once installed, the duct work needs to be cared for over time to ensure clean air in the home.

Proper Installation

With a new heating and cooling system, proper air duct installation is a must. The air duct has to be connected to the unit as well as each individual room for proper temperature regulation. When there is an issue with the duct work, rooms in the home may not reach the desired temperatures. This can lead to higher heating and cooling bills as well as the homeowner feeling there is an issue with the unit. The ductwork must be put in place correctly so air flow is not restricted and each room is capable of receiving hot or cold air so temperature settings can be reached in an energy efficient manner. Without proper installation, or when ducts get blocked, the homeowner ends up contacting an HVAC company for repair service to determine the problem. More time and money is spent when the issue could have been avoided with quality installation.

Dirty Duct Work

Over time, the ductwork connected to your heating and cooling unit will gather dust and dirt. Allergens can easily build up within the ductwork and cause the air quality in the home to be an issue. Ductwork needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the air quality in the home is not polluted. Bacteria and dirt can build up due to rips or tears in the ductwork or when the ductwork is not cleaned on a regular basis. As the air kicks on within the home, pollutants are spread in each room. This can cause allergy issues and lead to family members not feeling good or needing to visit the doctor to treat their condition.

When air ducts are cleaned on a regular basis, the air flow is more efficient and you are able to cut down on a number of household allergens in the home. Cleaning service is a great way to keep your unit working properly but also to ensure that everyone in your home avoids itchy, watery eyes, sneezing or other allergy symptoms on a daily basis.

An HVAC company will offer you a cleaning option for your existing ductwork system. Take advantage of this service to ensure that your unit is operating properly, lowering your utility bills plus cutting down on allergy issues inside the home.

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