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Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

When it comes to Phoenix HVAC and air conditioning systems, sometimes bigger isn’t always better. For example, that 10,000 BTU air conditioner just might be too large for your room – which would fare better with a 5,000 BTU model. What are some of the ramifications of having too large a unit? Well, it can make the room cooler without leaving enough time for the moisture to leave the space, which gives you a cold and clammy feeling during the hot summer days.

The Success of Your HVAC System Depends on the Contractor

The above is just one example of why you need a Phoenix HVAC contractor that knows what they’re doing – no matter what kind of home comfort system is being installed. Even during the colder months, a heater that’s unnecessarily large will raise your energy bill; among other things. The contractor should be able to explain to you precisely the type and size of the system that fits your room, and he should be able to do it in clear and concise language – without using technical terms that obscure the meaning for the layperson.

Can You Trust Your HVAC Technician?

It doesn’t matter if you’re just seeking a service call for some maintenance, you need a technician to help you with a replacement system, or you’re having one installed for the very first time; there’s a tried-and-true roadmap that will help you gauge the qualifications of the contractor at hand: ask him or her about Manual J. Manual J is an industry-standard document that details the exact specifics of determining the size of the air conditioning unit you need for your room, and doesn’t involve guesswork of the “if your room is X square feet by Y square feet” type. In fact, if your HVAC contractor claims not to use or know about Manual J, you should seriously consider ending the consultation right then and there. The benefits of installing an HVAC system according to the rules outlined in Manual J cannot be understated; it represents the most surefire way of getting an efficient unit that works perfectly for the room you by taking all relevant factors into account. Because of its utility, Manual J is standard for building codes across the nation. For more information about Phoenix HVAC please visit our air conditioning page.
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