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7 Tips for Hiring a Trusted Phoenix Pro


Efficient Air Conditioning in Phoenix

When you live in Phoenix under the scorching summer sun and the humid temperatures during the monsoons, it’s never convenient to have your air conditioner break down.

A study covering a severe heat wave in Arizona during 2014 found that more than 100 people died from heat-related illnesses.

It’s no help since then that average Arizona temperatures have only risen, sometimes reaching as high as 120 degrees!

With all that said perhaps it’s not an overstatement that your air conditioning system can actually save your life during the summers in Phoenix. Keeping your air conditioner running efficiently is one of the most important summer goals.

Benefits to Hiring Morehart Air & Heating

If you don’t already have a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system () installed in your home or if you are having functioning issues, it might be time to call in a professional.

Today, we are outlining the benefits of hiring a Phoenix HVAC professional.
How hiring a Phoenix HVAC pro can save your life

Just as you hire someone to fix your car to avoid making any costly mistakes, the same should go for your trusted HVAC system.

Your air conditioner system is a complex piece of equipment, and lets face it, it is one of the most expensive appliances within a home. By hiring the right air and heating professional, you are in turn protecting your investment.

Air and Heating pros are trained to handle your exact problems and understand the parts, the system and risks involved in doing the job. A great example of one of these risks is chemical exposure.

Freon is a chemical found in your air conditioner which is highly toxic and can cause dizziness and respiratory problems. Freon exposure is a huge reason why hiring a Phoenix HVAC pro is not only a good decision for your wallet, but for your health as well!
Unlicensed professionals can be a bad decision in the long run and could cost you a lot of money, and more importantly something even more…..your health.

Pros are called pros because they have undergone proper training, tests and worked for their certification and licenses. Morehart Air and Heating goes a step further, all of our technicians are certified, drug tested, and are the top trusted HVAC pro’s in Phoenix Arizona. We don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t trust in our own home. It can be alluring to go with someone who is unlicensed and cheaper, but here are some things that can go wrong by hiring the wrong HVAC companies:

Bad Air and Heating Advice

It’s not uncommon for an unlicensed contractor to offer bad advice. He or she might be used to only handling specific air and heating systems, specific sizes, etc. If your system is not one they have experience with, you might be persuaded to make certain unnecessary purchases, some that could be expensive, incorrect SEER rating or incorrect fit for your home.

You may essentially be hiring someone who knows not much more than you!

Cheap Prices, but More Expenses

An unlicensed HVAC technician may have an hourly price tag that is lower than the competition, however, if they make a mistake or break your system, there is no guarantee that they must pay for damage. An unlicensed Phoenix HVAC contractor will more than likely be missing insurance and you the homeowner will be out a nice piece of change.

In fact, it is not unheard of to have an unlicensed professional completely disappear after the first day on the job. Many scam artists are here in the valley of the sun, be sure an do your research. Check Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating’s Arizona BBB rating……A+.

Air and Heating System Warranties

Make sure to read the fine print of your systems warranty. Sometimes manufacturers will not grant you a new system or replacement part if an unlicensed technician has touched your system.

Manufacturers understand the risks and mistakes that often come with unlicensed contractors. To encourage you to take the professional route, they even write it into your warranty contract!

Hiring a Real Professional…A Guaranteed Fix

Your trusted HVAC professional will come over to fix your main problem. If he or she can’t fix it on the spot, you can count on the fact that they won’t disappear on you like an untrained technician might!

Hiring someone certified and with a good track record is the way to ensure you receive work that is guaranteed.

Today, air conditioning systems are only getting more and more intricate and as a result, not just anyone can fix them. A professional knows exactly where a leak is coming from, condensor coil and heat pump issues, electrical, or how to diagnose any other issue.

At the end of the day, hiring a professional like Morehart Air and Heating can help you sleep better at night. You can put total trust in the fact that you are receiving quality repairs, parts or replacements that will last.

Not Only a Fix but HVAC Tips as Well!

A Phoenix HVAC professional will work in your best interest. While they will come to fix your main complaint, they will leave you with a plethora of advice to help you avoid future problems. When speaking to homeowners, we realize some trusted HVAC terms may be confusing, that’s why we have a list of defined HVAC terms for our customers to get familiar with.

Given the fact that professionals know the ins and outs and handle the same issues on a daily basis, they will know exactly what you can do to avoid having the same problems.

Much like a good car mechanic who leaves you a report of things that will soon need to be checked on your vehicle, a professional trusted HVAC contractor operates the same way.

There are a lot of different parts which work together to operate your air conditioner: a thermostat, ducts, refrigerants, freon, etc. Just because your air conditioner is fixed doesn’t mean that it is fixed long term.

Your technician can give you an idea of any impending problems and how you can avoid it!

Establish Trust with Your Phoenix Trusted HVAC Contractor

You go to the same doctor over and over because they understand you and your medical history best. It’s the same for your HVAC technician!

An added benefit of working with the same company for different repairs is that they know your specific problems and the history of repairs that your system has undergone.

Past repairs effect future repairs. As a result, it saves time and money on your part to hire the same company or person over and over again. Trust your Phoenix HVAC professional just as you trust your medical practitioner!

Morehart is the Name to Remember

When your air conditioner isn’t running efficiently and your suffocating under the hot Arizona sun, it can be easy to forget these simple tips.

Oftentimes, a sense of urgency will cause you to make quick mistakes.

Before the worst happens and your air conditioner shuts down completely, it is important to make sure that your AC is running on all cylinders.

Not only should you be getting quality HVAC service, it should be done by an experienced and trusted air and heating team! Call Morehart Air and Heating 602-640-0444 or visit our contact information.

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