Arizona hvac services

Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating, home of the Peoria HVAC Pros! We care about your comfort and are dedicated to keeping you cool on those hot summer days. If you need someone who knows AC repair in Peoria, AZ, and surrounding areas – you need us. We offer the best HVAC installation and service including Cooling Repairs, Heating Repair, and service, Furnace Repair & Service.

How do we handle Peoria, AZ AC repair?

Fixing your air conditioner is our specialty, so we handle it quickly and efficiently. We begin by diagnosing the problem, which can be a quick process if we have seen this issue before. If not, we will take the time to carefully figure out what is going on with your AC system. You may even get a call from us to ask basic questions about your AC system and how it is generally running, including the age of various components and any recent or ongoing problems. Next, we write up a quote before beginning repairs so you know what you are paying for. We even offer financing through our trusted financing company partners to make things easier on you!

We will use quality replacement parts to solve your AC problem, including ones that are made specifically for the make and model of air conditioner you have. We will also take care to put them in correctly so they don’t come loose or fall off during normal use.

After completing the necessary repairs, we go over the entire system with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We also take the time to inspect your entire AC system, making sure there are no problems or issues with it. In some cases, we may notice an issue that is not related to the one you called us in for but still needs to be fixed. When this happens, we will let you know immediately so you don’t get stuck with an unexpected repair bill.

Once everything is said and done, you will have a free comprehensive AC inspection so you can enjoy being comfortable in your home. If you find that future AC repair in Peoria, AZ is needed, the inspection report will help get things fixed quickly and efficiently! Call us today at 623-566-0005 for more information.