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An AC unit is a huge investment in every building and also a pivotal unit in ensuring a comfortable home. Such a unit needs proper maintenance by proper professionals. No one wants to get in the position of dealing with an impromptu AC breakdown despite having the AC Maintenance experts pay regular visits to service the unit. 

Here in Peoria, AZ, there are a lot of “AC technicians” who are parading themselves as professionals. But knowing the answer to certain can help you detect the false from the true. 

In this piece, we will show you 6 top to ask AC maintenance service in Peoria to make sure you get the best service. 

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1. Are they properly licensed or certified?

If you are looking for real quality, this is the first question to ask. To be a professional, you must be properly licensed or certified. An engineer is an engineer because he has an engineering certificate. So as HVAC experts. Allowing an HVAC expert without a license is like allowing anybody whosoever to enter your home. 

A license or certificate is a paper proof of their professionalism. Licenses aren’t just papers, they are proof that the experts involved have met the minimum requirement to operate as experts. That’s why this question is a really important one. A license or certificate sets one apart and qualifies him for a particular duty. Any HVAC expert operating without these special papers is operating illegally. And is most likely a fraud. The best way to ensure that they are properly licensed is by asking them for their license. Make sure to do so politely. 

2.  Do they have insurance?

The purpose of insurance cannot be overlooked. Even experts can make mistakes. To err is human. After the mistake, what’s next? Don’t be surprised to bear the burden of damage caused by the carelessness of your HVAC experts. There’s a huge tendency of that happening when the professionals you hired aren’t rightly insured or not insured at all. 

Play safe by ensuring your preferred HVAC professionals are rightly insured. Should your AC unit get damaged by the professionals you hired to maintain it (which is possible), you’ll be excluded from bearing the burden. 

3. How long have they been in business 

Have you ever thought about why they ask for work experience in job interviews? It’s because the better the working experience, the better the efficiency in handling problems. Chances are that a company that has been in business for a longer period has maintained more AC units, interacts with more clients, and hence has a better experience. 

Also, the longer you’ve stayed in business, the stronger the reputation you’ve built. So companies that have stayed longer in business have a lot to protect since they’ve used years building their current reputation. 

But it doesn’t always work that way though. Companies new to the HVAC business are not always a bad option. This is because some of these companies are looking to build and protect their little reputation to compete with the old cargo that has been operational for a good number of years. Although they might lack the needed experience, they will have the desire to build one and add you to their little list of satisfied customers. 

4. Do they do employee background checks?

Do you have a problem with strangers entering your home? Well, a lot of people do. So it’s okay not to be completely cool with it. In maintaining service of your AC unit, the AC Maintenance experts will definitely have to enter your house to operate it. Well, that’s a big deal. We all know how unsafe that can be. Our home needs to be secured at all times. Our properties and loved ones are in there and need optimal protection. Apart from making sure the company is properly licensed and registered, you can ensure the safety of your home by making sure your most preferred AC technicians do background checks. Ask them about it. For a company with nothing to hide, they will tell you with nothing to fear. The less trusted ones will always find a justification. 

6. How affordable is their service?

Here comes the part to talk about the money involved. And yeah, you can cross-check the authenticity of the company from the price tag on their service. It’s an important question. Money is an important discussion. You don’t have to pay through your nose to pay for authentic service. If the price is unnecessarily high then that’s a red flag that you are most likely interacting with one of those fake experts here in Peoria. AC unit maintenance service is usually affordable. Not too cheap, not too expensive. 

The best way to know if you are making the wrong choice is to get different prices from the different services on the internet around Peoria. With that, you’ll have a figure to work with. Don’t hire someone that doesn’t have a price dangling around the figure you’ve gotten. You should also be careful not to fall into unreasonably cheap traps. Eye-catching cheap price tags are most likely to lead you to a dish. It’s either you are getting a low-quality service that equates to the cost you went for (which is rare) or you are dealing with fraudsters (most likely). 

A Word from Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating

Don’t feel awkward asking these questions to the guys you want to hire. Good HVAC maintenance technicians with courteous customer care will always give you replies with a smiling face. The less reputable companies will always shy away from answering you. Please insist that they provide the needed answer or you simply walk away. But make sure not to ask arrogantly. 

Here in Peoria, Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating is one of those authentic AC experts you are looking for near you. We are rightly certified and insured, we ensure our technicians undergo background checks before getting into your home, and our prices are affordable. Our long-established company has what it takes to deliver the five-star cleaning service you wish for a reasonable price. Reach out to us.